Webinar Series: How to automate admin & increase bookings

Group 949

Join our free webinar where we'll share how:

  • Tongariro Crossing Lodge doubled their occupancy rate
  • Owls Nest Motel increased their weekly bookings by 50%
  • Change Overnight Hotel automates 90 hours of work every month
  • The Burgoyne automates 60 hours of work every month
  • PLUS: Ask questions from our team of experts in the industry
Upcoming webinars:
  • Wednesday, 3rd of November, with Brad
  • Tuesday, 9th of November, with Steve - UK
  • Wednesday, 17th of November, with Maggie
  • Wednesday, 1st of December, with Tomas
  • Tuesday, 14th of December, with Steve - UK
  • Wednesday 15th December, with Brad

If you live in the UK, please register for our UK webinar series here.